Outdoor or Studio for a Pregnancy Photoshoot

Is Outdoor or Studio better for a Pregnancy Photoshoot?

This is a big moment in your life. You’re pregnant! Your body is amazing. It is doing amazing things. And you look great. Obviously your want to record this special moment and an outdoor pregnancy photoshoot is a great way to do it. Plus you get to come and have a fun chat and a giggle with us whilst getting dressed up. It’s a perfect excuse to go and get your hair and make up done. Perhaps you are on maternity leave already and have decided to pamper yourself before the arrival of your new precious baby.

So you’ve decided you’d like some photos. You’ve decided that you love the style of our work (you have good taste). But where to have them done? Here are some of the advantages of being on location and of coming to our studio.Black and white photo of a pregnant women with her hand on her bump

Outdoor Location Pregnancy Photoshoot

We will come to you at any location within an hours drive of the studio (further by arrangement – I hear the south of France is nice at this time of year – but remember you might not be able to fly if you are too many weeks along). It could be your garden, a park, somewhere with beautiful cherry blossom, or the lovely colours of autumn leaves.

We will bring a selection of our dresses and gowns with us. You can bring whatever you want to wear too. It’s worth having a think about where you might get changed.

Let us know and then keep your fingers crossed for the weather.

Studio Pregnancy Photoshoot

Alternatively you may decide that you prefer the idea of coming to our studio. It cosy and warm, with cups of tea and all the facilities that you might need. We have a selection of different backdrops to provide you with a beautiful varied gallery of images and you won’t have to worry about privacy when you want to show off your bump.

On top of all this we are blessed with lots of outside space to use too. Immediately outside the studio is a gravelled courtyard, so if the weather is a bit hit and miss we can dash out and grab a few quick shots before rushing back into the warm. Beyond the Cotswold stone wall is 6 acres of woodland planted with 2000 British native trees so there are lots of different opportunities for beautiful backgrounds. What this means is that by coming to the studio you have the benefit of being able to combine the studio style photos with outdoor photos and without the need to pay the extra for us to come to you. Plus we will have all the dresses here for you to choose from and somewhere to get dressed.Expectant couple in embrace dreaming about the arrival of their precious baby

Milk Bath Photoshoot

For the icing on the cake. Or the milk in the bath. We also offer, to those who fancy it, the option of having a milk bath. Not as a spa treatment but as a different photo opportunity. Here you lie in a bath of milk with beautiful flowers placed around you. Read here for more information.

Do get in touch if any of this sounds of interest. I’d love to chat to you, put you at ease or hear your exciting ideas.Orange rose petals decorate a bath full of milk with a pregnant lady lying inside