Family Photography Studio

Women with baby bump leaning on a tree outside the family photography studio

Family Photography Studio

When we were choosing where to locate our family photography studio we always new that we didn’t need a high street location. The level of service that we offer means that we are not expecting newborn babies to be knocking on our door. So instead we choose a rural location offering us many of the things that we were looking for.

Mother and daughter being photographed in a field of barley


Reasons for a countryside location

The best part about where our family photography studio is located is the peace and quiet. Apart from the birds chirping we can go about our business without disturbance. Another plus is having ample free parking. A definite plus compared with clients having to struggle with car seats and changing bags in a busy town centre location. On top of that we have a beautiful woodland which we can use for photographs when the weather allows. We can either use the trees as a backdrop or we can wander along the paths. When we reach the other side of the woodland we can lose ourselves in a field of barley. It is really suited to maternity photoshoots, to family photoshoots and to toddlers who love to explore.

Pregnancy photo in the courtyard of the family photography studio

Reasons against a countryside location

There aren’t many really. Our family photography studio can sometimes be hard to find. To help we send out directions before the day and sat navs are pretty good these days. The internet speed isn’t the greatest but that is due to improve shortly. In fact I only thought to write this blog because the other night we had a power cut and because they could not find the problem they turned up at 4am with a generator as pictured. So all in all we love our location and fortunately so do our clients. I hope you get to visit it soon. To find our more about what we do you can read our other blogs here or look at our Instagram page here.

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