How to persuade my husband to come to the family photography session

How to persuade my husband to come to the family photography session?Mother with baby girl at family photoshoot

A professional family photography session is a lovely thing to do. A lovely way to record this moment in time and preserve your memories forever. Often though, with these types of sentimental things, the dads aren’t quite so keen as the mums! We know it’s us mums that come up with all the good ideas, so here’s a few for you. A few ways that might help you seal the deal:

1.Pub Lunch on your way to the family photography shoot.

Being based in the beautiful Cotswolds means that we are lucky to have lots of lovely pubs to visit. Here are some of the ones nearest to the studio: The Tite Inn Chadlington, The Chequers Churchill, The Fox Chipping Norton.

Or you could plan your route with a stop half way. If mummy offers to drive he might even be allowed a cheeky pint too.

New baby arrival being photographed with big sister, mum and dad

2. Jeremy Clarkson is our neighbour.

If dad is a motoring fan then he will be delighted to know that Mr Clarkson lives just over the hill on the same foot path as us. He has also just opened his new farm shop just a few hundred meters from the studio.

Young couple being photographed with their new baby

3. Tell him we retouch the images

And that we might be able to remove a few of those grey hairs/knock a few years off! Approach this one with caution. You know him best and whether this will work.

Baby girl being photographed with mum and dad


I hope that some of this helps. It’s meant to be light-hearted but who knows, it might work. Remember, when talking about newborns, it is very true that you only get one chance. They only stay this small for a very short time. I can speak from personal experience that I was in such a sleep-deprived haze that I can not remember what my daughter looked like at this stage. It’s certainly nothing like what she looks like now and I am very fortunate to have three pictures of her in a frame on the wall to look at everyday. 

If you do manage to persuade dad that this is a great thing to do then take a look at this page for more information about newborn sessions, or if your children are older then have a look here for information about a family photography session.