Being a Studio Photographer during Lockdown

Mum and Dad looking down on their new babyWell here we are, in the middle of lockdown number three, with the doors of the studio once again closed. We still of course have work to do. The problem with the on/off nature of these lockdowns is that we have been very stop/start. We spend the pre-lockdown time taking as many photos of babies as possible and then use the lockdown time to process them. The post production side of things is really time consuming especially for the newborn photoshoots. And then, even once a client has seen their images and chosen what to order, there is still lots more to do. Ordering the frames, designing the albums, uploading the prints, packaging the order etc.

The first lockdown was a bit of a novelty. We didn’t know how long it was going to last and everyone was excited about was they could get done: banana bread etc. In our case, and given the time of year that it happened, the garden got plenty of attention. 

Baby boy on beanbag wearing long woolly hatAfter the first lockdown however we swore that if and when we got locked down again we would make the most of it. Lockdown Two was all about potty training. No distractions of photoshoots, no nursery. Just potty training. 

Lockdown Three is different again. This time our daughter is at nursery still three days a week. She can’t go to her friends or grandparents so the rest of the time she is with one of us. So with the precious time that she is at nursery we are editing, ordering, posting on social media, writing blogs….. doing the accounts, making new props for the babies and so on.

Mummy lying next to her baby boyWe have a long list of people to rebook when we are allowed to start work again. On top of that babies keep being born, people keep getting pregnant. So hopefully we will not have to wait for too long. Hopefully the numbers will start to go down and more people will get the vaccine. Many of our past clients work for the NHS and we have seen them receiving their jabs on social media which is good news.

Baby boy in bowl with green fabrics smiling