Older Baby Photoshoot – Chipping Norton

Swaddled newborn baby boy sticking his tongue out

Six Week Old Newborn Baby Photoshoot

Walter, like many other babies, had the help of forceps to enter this world. And, like many others, he was left with a large mark on his face. Because of this, his mum thought that she would wait before having his newborn photoshoot done. So this is our story of that slightly older baby photoshoot.

His mother contacted us. Thankfully we were able to fit in Walter’s baby portrait session for the following week as they lived just down the road.

Baby boy in bear hat looking content

We normally like to do the newborn photography session within the first 3 weeks of baby’s arrival. Walter was then six weeks old. The skin on his face had healed and was now as smooth and soft as ever as you can see in these beautiful images.

Sleeping baby boy with long hat

Walter was a very calm baby and his mum told us that she had only ever seen him crying a couple of times. And he really was! Walter was happy to be swaddled just like a newborn even though he was growing so quickly. He was very strong but he still had the flexibility and sleepiness of a newborn baby.

Determined looking baby boy tucked in to bed and holding teddy

His mum and dad didn’t expect us to be able to get so many fantastic shots of Walter. They absolutely loved the curled up, sleepy poses. Equally they really couldn’t resist the awake ones. Those ones have wonderful eye contact and cute expressions. So overall we were very happy that we didn’t turn away these clients for their older baby photoshoot.

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Milk Bath Photoshoot in Oxford

Milk bath photoshoot with pink roses to record pregnancy

Milk Bath Photoshoot

After several phone conversations to discuss and plan the perfect maternity photography session, Fabiana decided that she would like us to be do her Maternity Photoshoot. Fabi had decided that she wanted something a little different from her Pregnancy Portraits such as a milk bath photoshoot. She knew that we would create the most amazing images. Images of her, daddy-to-be and her bump.

We decided that this would be a good opportunity to introduce something new. Something new to our portfolio and that is very new in this country. It is called a milk bath photoshoot. The idea itself is nothing new. The idea comes from the time of Cleopatra. She was famous, not just of being queen of Egypt, but also for being remarkably beautiful and smart. Cleopatra was also well known for taking her milk baths. These she often infused with honey and flowers. She was wise to do so as milk is great for your skin.

For us as photographers it is a new concept in photography. The milk bath photoshoot involves photographing the pregnant mother wearing a maternity gown in a bath of milk surrounded by pretty flowers. Our lights reflect off the milk giving the opportunity to create that pure, soft, dreamy look. We can create images of a mummy-to-be dreaming to meet her new baby.

Fabi booked us for the Bump to Baby experience so we will be going back soon to photograph her, Alan and new baby Gabriel. We also plan to create some before and after images by combining photos from her maternity session with those from her newborn session.

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